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One of these is illegal, considered an eye-sore, and will be removed asap. The other — not so much. Technorati Tags: graffiti, urban art, urban life

What Downtown SGF Needs

(The following is an edited and expanded version of something I wrote last year for another venue.) Next month we’ll mark one year of life in downtown Springfield living in the Union Biscuit Lofts on Market Ave. So my wife and I have had plenty of opportunity to walk the streets and observe the goings-on. We’ve […]

Participation Is Easy(er)

Nope. Not talking bicycle mode share here. Remember, today is the Carbon Trace re-launch. As I wrote earlier, the topics of this blog will now fit the broader context of urban life — especially in small to mid-sized cities. Today, I’m talking the SATO48 Film Challenge. I entered the contest — one of 110 teams this […]

EFTAD: Stuff… Sooo Much Stuff

OK, so I’m having to use the EFTAD acronym for my Escape From The American Dream blog series because it’s just too many words for the column width. And I dislike blog heads running two decks. So, well, yeah … EFTAD. Now that we’ve settled that, let’s briefly discuss something far from settled: what are […]