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Flip-side of the Amsterdam Coin

The damned thing is done. Sort of. It’s not what I had originally intended. Last year, when I published a tongue-n-cheek trailer for this video, I was planning a documentary about bicycling in Springfield, Missouri with comparisons to Amsterdam (realizing, obviously, that such comparisons are difficult at best given the radically different contexts). The comparison […]

Laugh? Cry? … Cry

Check out this recent press release from Trek re: their “Game Changer” program for bicycle advocacy. Here’s a screen shot of the picture on the press release. Yes. What you see there is likely a door-zone bicycle lane. In other words, a lane where the bicyclist is encouraged by the paint to ride next to […]

Ol’ Time Traffic Engineering v. People

Here’s the conclusion: The 20th-century model of traffic engineering is not only outdated, but is also downright hazardous to public health and economic development. Every year, communities around the world are demonstrating that there is another way. Treating a community’s streets like a sewage system that flushes cars through quickly and efficiently has been a […]

Of Advocacy and Stasis

To follow up on yesterday’s post, I want to address the whole discussion thing. I concluded my post with a short list suggesting that there are certain types of bicyclists that I’m willing to discuss advocacy with and certain types that, well, not so much. Now’s a good time to discuss stasis theory. Before one […]

Of Perception, Reality, and Desire

Here are two things you should go read right now: If you want to stop having this debate… Cyclists Aren’t ‘Special,’ And They Shouldn’t Play By their Own Rules I’m not going to comment directly on these except to say that each is important in its own way. Instead, I want to use these as […]

Vote ‘Yes’ For Capital Improvements Tax

Tomorrow is election day, and among the chances you have to make Springfield a better place to live is renewing the 1/4-cent Capital Improvements Sales Tax. Please vote “Yes.” This tax pays for numerous infrastructure improvements including projects that benefit pedestrians and bicyclists. You may have noticed sharrows appearing on the streets of the city’s bicycle […]

IMF Says Gasoline Too Cheap

Check out this report from NPR about the true costs of gasoline as reported by the International Monetary Fund. One problem: We are far too enamored of growth and short-term gain to ever take this seriously — that is until it’s too late. Then we will do the next thing we do best: Look for […]

Our Urban Challenge: Riding The Bus

I’ve taken the bus in many cities in the U.S. and Europe, but before yesterday I had only taken the bus twice in my eight years in Springfield — both times to travel downtown when the roads were too icy to ride my bicycle. That wasn’t enough experience to form an impression of the system. […]

Smartly Going

The STAR Team will begin promoting the city bus system as part of the committee’s Let’s Go Smart campaign. That was welcome news from yesterday’s meeting. More on this as it develops… The Ozarks Transportation Organization has released its 2012 implementation report for its bike/ped plan. Lots of interesting progress. I’ll link to the .pdf […]

There’s Something Happening Here

UPDATE: I have confirmed that the paint on Cherry east of Glenstone is intended to be a bicycle lane. The engineer I contacted said that the lane should have been painted 5.0 feet from the face of the curb and 3.0 feet from a pavement seam such as the edge of gutter. What it is ain’t exactly […]

New Lane Feature: Broken Glass!

So the City has painted a gutter lane on a perfectly good street thus, in my opinion, turning it into a no-so-good street. Why not-so-good? As the video shows — and every bicycle lane advocate knows — cars tend to sweep the streets. So gutter lanes fill up with all kinds of debris. The narrower […]

What? WHAT?

I took my daughter to New York City for the first time when she was about 8 years old. We stepped out of the train station into the street, and the first thing she did was clamp her hands over her ears. In 2008, I had coffee with a friend of mine at an outdoor […]

Transportation Sales Tax Renewal Today

It’s election day in Missouri. Among the primaries and other proposals is the renewal of the 1/8-cent sales tax for transportation improvements in Springfield. Part of this money (a small part) pays for bicycle and pedestrian improvements, including much-needed connections for our greenways and bicycle route system. Please vote to renew this tax today. Technorati […]

Yeah, It’s A Civil Rights Issue

I’ve written before (example) about alternative (and public) transportation as a civil rights issue. Here’s more fuel for the fire: On top of the most catastrophic economic downturn since the Great Depression, the continued impact of automation, and the shift of domestic production to lower-wage nations, here is a less dramatic yet no less decisive […]

Behavior Given The System

As promised in the comments of this post, Steve, at DFW Point-to-Point, ruminates on role that street design plays in “bad” behavior on the streets. Interesting and well worth your time. A taste: The roads really ARE optimized to accommodate a uniquely dangerous major use – four-wheeled motor vehicle operation. Because these motorists mostly kill and delay […]