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Carbon Trace Re-Launch Begins 15 April

Several things have been keeping me busy this winter. I’m right in the middle of doing an academic case study examining a successful civic journalism project. I have also been re-working all of my classes — something that is regularly necessary, especially as I notice generational changes in students. Further, I have been busy re-thinking […]

Flip-side of the Amsterdam Coin

The damned thing is done. Sort of. It’s not what I had originally intended. Last year, when I published a tongue-n-cheek trailer for this video, I was planning a documentary about bicycling in Springfield, Missouri with comparisons to Amsterdam (realizing, obviously, that such comparisons are difficult at best given the radically different contexts). The comparison […]

A Note On The Sociology Of Bike Lanes

Eliot Landrum, a CyclingSavvy instructor and a founding member of I Am Traffic from Dallas, posted the following story to Facebook recently: For the “student stories” file. Jay, a [CyclingSavvy] grad, joined me up for coffee and a social ride this morning. He told me about a trip a friend and him took last weekend to […]

Where Can (Should) You Ride?

Here’s what Missouri law states (307.190): Every person operating a bicycle or motorized bicycle at less than the posted speed or slower than the flow of traffic upon a street or highway shall ride as near to the right side of the roadway as safe, exercising due care when passing a standing vehicle or one […]

Carbon Trace Update

The big move downtown in just a little more than a week away. Although school is out for the summer, I’m going to be very busy getting stuff hauled over the the loft and taking care of other matters related to the move. So things could be a little quite here until the middle of […]

Of Blog Posts That Begin with ‘Of’

OK, so I have been riding a bicycle as basic transportation (which means every day there is not ice or snow) in Springfield for nine years. And I swear the number of bicyclists just keeps growing. There is almost never a moment these days, while riding in the urban core, that I do not see […]

Perhaps Helmets Would Help

It seems pedestrians — especially older people and racial minorities — get regularly plowed by motor vehicles. Pedestrian trips make of 10 percent of total U.S. mode share, yet pedestrians suffer 13 percent of traffic deaths. The reasons for all of this are complex and complicated. But one thing I’ve experienced in my daily crossings of National […]

Bike To Everywhere Decade

Next week is Bike to Work Week in Springfield. Or, just another week. You see, I’m participating in, and about to complete, Bike to Everywhere Decade. I seriously do not mean to criticize Bike to Work Week or brag about what I do. It’s a good program. But I do have a minor gripe that’s […]

Wait. What? Normal People On Bicycles?

OK, take a look at this picture: That’s Cody, Ginger, and their son. I just got an e-mail from Cody telling me he and his family have moved to Springfield. They have a bicycle blog called Cycle Like a Stringer. Good stuff! Check it out. Technorati Tags: bicycle advocacy, bicycle culture, cycling, Springfield Missouri

Mobility: Upwards and Otherwise

So it appears that even with an uptick in the real estate market, the whole home-ownership thing is losing its vaunted position at the core of the American Dream. Add to that what appears to be the end of the American love affair with cars among the Millennial  Generation and you have a potentially massive cultural […]

Escape From The American Dream

Today I begin a new series on Carbon Trace (haven’t come up with a name for it yet … perhaps the headline because, yeah, I enjoy irony). It is related to my long-running and still-active series called Our Urban Challenge. On Monday, my wife and I will sign a lease for a loft in downtown […]

Smart Moves In #SGF

The Let’s Go Smart initiative is live — we’re livin’ it! This new campaign by the STAR Team of Ozark Greenways is a multi-modal concept aimed at encouraging people to think about their transportation choices. This is more than bike-ped advocacy. We’ve re-designed and upgraded the former Drive Less, Live More booklet. It’s now called Bike […]

Changing The Suburbs After The City

How might we re-imagine the suburbs? An exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York examines that question from an architectural standpoint. While the designs are rather dramatic, perhaps the most interesting idea is that we need to “change the dream.” That means re-thinking home ownership and single-family homes. So, yes, density. But […]

Easy Sooooo Easy

Here’s more from the ol’ helmet cam — downtown to MSU. I go downtown for coffee every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. This is my route to school. One difference: Walnut between Kimbrough and Hammons is being renovated, so it’s closed for a bit. I take Elm instead. You’ll notice two “close” passes. The speed […]

Nice Day to Check Out the New Square

Park Central Square is finished. Here are the results. You’ll see that it has become a more pedestrian-friendly place. [nggallery id=6] Technorati Tags: Springfield Missouri, Urban and Regional Planning, urban design, urban development, Urban Planning