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Carbon Trace Re-Launch Begins 15 April

Several things have been keeping me busy this winter. I’m right in the middle of doing an academic case study examining a successful civic journalism project. I have also been re-working all of my classes — something that is regularly necessary, especially as I notice generational changes in students. Further, I have been busy re-thinking […]

Bicyclist Killed In Hit-And-Run

A 23-year-old bicyclist was killed by a hit-and-run driver Sunday near the MSU campus. Here’s a report from KSMU, including an interview with me. Here a Google Earth look at the intersection (click for larger image). That’s a look from roughly the perspective of the west-bound bicyclist looking toward south-bound traffic. The sight lines are […]

Bike To Everywhere Decade

Next week is Bike to Work Week in Springfield. Or, just another week. You see, I’m participating in, and about to complete, Bike to Everywhere Decade. I seriously do not mean to criticize Bike to Work Week or brag about what I do. It’s a good program. But I do have a minor gripe that’s […]

Mark Your Calendar For Bicycles & Brews

Bicycles & Brews and the Bicycle Film Festival will celebrate one of mankind’s greatest inventions in May. OK, make that three of mankind’s greatest inventions So mark your calendar for 11 May! Technorati Tags: bicycle culture, Bicycle Film Festival, Bicycles & Brews, cycling

IMF Says Gasoline Too Cheap

Check out this report from NPR about the true costs of gasoline as reported by the International Monetary Fund. One problem: We are far too enamored of growth and short-term gain to ever take this seriously — that is until it’s too late. Then we will do the next thing we do best: Look for […]

Of Motorist Rage and the Free-Rider Bicyclist

The BBC published an interesting column yesterday about the psychology of motorist rage toward bicyclists. The upshot is that, apparently, motorists are upset most because bicyclists are free-riders in traffic: they do not pay for the system, and many do not follow the rules. Here’s the money quote: So now we can see why there is […]

Things May Get Worse

I believe it is entirely possible that as more people begin driving bicycles we’ll begin to see a backlash in some parts of the country. For example, we have a state representative planning to introduce a bill to ban bicycles from certain state highways in Missouri. Technorati Tags: bicycle advocacy, cycling, traffic law

The Whole Perspective Thing

The New York Times published an amusing article about a “vast” shale oil field in California. I think these are the money quotes: Comprising two-thirds of the United States’s total estimated shale oil reserves and covering 1,750 square miles from Southern to Central California, the Monterey Shale could turn California into the nation’s top oil-producing […]

Everything Is Rhetoric

Academic disciplinarity is an odd but useful thing. One of the roles it plays is to understand the world in terms of a particular set of theories within a particular body of knowledge. So everything is politics. Everything is history. Everything is rhetoric — which it really is, because, yeah, that’s my discipline Why I […]

I Am Traffic Website is Live

Another step forward: I Am Traffic on the web. Go ahead — click it! Technorati Tags: bicycle advocacy, bicycle education, bicycle safety, cycling, i am traffic

I Am Traffic (and so are you)

I’ll be attending the I Am Traffic conference in Orlando, February 23-24. The purpose of the conference, among other things, is to launch a new national bicycle education organization. I’ll be one of the founding members and a contributor to its web site (details to come). From the I Am Traffic page on Facebook: Mission […]

Where The Danger Is

So you’re riding along in bicycle lane thinking you’re safe because, well, isn’t that what we’re led to believe? Isn’t that why bicycle lanes are painted in the first place? They are not painted to solve any traffic problem that exists, i.e. help the orderly and safe flow of traffic according the well-establish rules of […]

Be Gone Silly Humans!

Streets are for cars, trucks, and other moving objects with motors. You silly humans are just parasites. Question: How is it possible for 300 people to hold up traffic for 30 minutes crossing a 3-lane street. That’s 10 per minute. Perhaps they were crawling or walking on their knees. Did the reporter question that assertion? […]

Bicyclist Dies Running Red Light

Here’s the latest from KSPR: Police say the semi truck was stopped at a red light on Glenstone. The light turned green and the driver hit the gas. A bicyclist heading east on Cherry rode in front of the truck. The truck didn’t have time to stop, and the biker was killed. Police confirm that […]

Smartly Going

The STAR Team will begin promoting the city bus system as part of the committee’s Let’s Go Smart campaign. That was welcome news from yesterday’s meeting. More on this as it develops… The Ozarks Transportation Organization has released its 2012 implementation report for its bike/ped plan. Lots of interesting progress. I’ll link to the .pdf […]